Teddy & Jim Wedding Photo Album

Ten Years in the making, Teddy and Jim's wedding finalized in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on May 3rd, 2012

Everyone prayed and God allowed a miracle wedding to take place.

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A little about Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
through a few photos
Tanzania Map
Tanzania Map

Dar Airport
Julius Nyerere
International Airport

Dar Es Salaam city view
DAR City View

Dar Es Salaam Market
Dar Es Salaam Market

Dar Busy Street
Busy Streets

crowded streets
Crowds everywhere

Arrival at rental "beach" house, not on or near beach, was in country and a distance from beach & city center.
I arrived day late. No taxi cabs in area (see "Boga cab"), real taxi had to come a long way.
house courtyard
House Courtyard

travel weary
Travel weary

unpacking weary
Unpacking / Weary

Martha & Jim
Martha & Jim

siew eng dora market
Siew Eng (Dora)

local boga taxi
local boga taxi

Grocery Shopping, Face painting for Martha, & resting from Long trips
face painting
Face Painting at Shop Rite

Martha getting face painted
Martha & cat face painting


jim martha
Martha and Jim

Siew Eng, Martha, Jim

4 of us
Siew Eng, Teddy,
Martha, Jim

Girls day out shopping, Martha and I spent the day together at the House.
Dar Shopping centre
Shopping center

dar shopping
Shopping DAR

outdoor shops
Outdoor Market shops

Siew Eng shopping
Siew Eng

Siew Eng & Teddy
Teddy & Siew Eng

Local Paintings

local artists
Artist Paintings


dora & paintings
Art with Siew Eng

Teddy outdoor shops
Outdoor shops, Teddy

teddy shopping
Teddy Shopping

carver & carving
Ironwood Statue

carving ironwood dish
Carving Ironwood Plate

plate carving
Plate/dish carving

food fruit market outdoors
Outdoor food market

Beach time on Indian Ocean
Beach shop house
Beach Shop House

Miraji and Jim

Jim & Miraji
New Pose

Miraji, Teddy, Jim, Martha
Beach time

Dora, Martha
Martha & Siew Eng

Sieweng & Teddy
Teddy & Siew Eng

Teddy & Siew Eng
Another Pose

ready to get feet wet
Ready to get Wet

getting wet
Getting Wet

2nd pose

martha teddy
Martha & Teddy

Teddy Jim
Teddy & Jim

Masi Man
Masi Tribe Man

2 men w/Porcupine baby
Two Friendly men
showing baby porcupine

Martha with men
Martha with men
& porcupine

Tanzanian Registrar Time, lots of marriage paperwork and time
before wedding
Before Registrar & Wedding

Registrar & us
Sitting with Registrar

registrar writing
Registrar filling forms

registrar, siew eng, martha, teddy, jim
Registrar office & us

registrar office
Another Registrar shot

registrar, dora, miraji
Miraji, Siew Eng

Jim, Miraji, Registrar
Miraji, Jim

Siew Eng, Registrar, Jim
Is it Time?

2nd pose
Another shot

teddy, Martha Jim
Teddy, Martha, Jim

Martha Teddy
Martha & Teddy

Teddy, Martha
Teddy & Martha

dora, martha, teddy
Siew Eng, Teddy & Martha

Finishing Papework
Stamp time

navigate stairs
Navigating the stairs
to yet another office

Civil Magistrate Office & Wedding Ceremony
more stairs
Civil Office Stairs

civil office
Magistrate office

magistrate office
Whatcha say?

oen more
Rolling Eyes

4th shot

Joke time, laugh

Listening Closely

Magistrate Upengo

bigger joke
Best Bigger Joke

witness Miraji
Miraji, witness

Siew Eng, Witness
Siew Eng, Witness

registrar & miraji
Registrar & Miraji

smile Registrar
Registrar (smile)

Siew Eng, Teddy, Jim
Siew Eng, hiding

Jim Oath time
Reading Vows/Oath

Teddy vows oath
Reading vows/oath

paperwork marriage
Marriage Paperwork

Marriage paperwork
Paperwork for Marriage

registrar signing
Registrar signing

Happy Now

almost finished
almost finished


leaving office
Documents in Envelope


Finalizing & standing

Upengo saying goodbye
Upengo / congratulations

Happy Teddy
Happy Teddy

last flight of stairs
Last set of stairs

marriage certificate
Marriage Certificate

After Wedding Ceremony, Outside of Building, Dinner at Chinese Restaurant, Happy Dragon
after wedding
After Wedding, outside bldg, We did it!

siew eng,teddy,martha,jim
Jim, Siew Eng
Teddy, Martha

Daughter & Papa
Daughter & Papa

wedding witnesses
Wedding Witnesses

martha, miraji, Siew Eng
Martha & Witnesses

Miraji Makupa
Miraji Makupa

We were thirsty
after many hours

thirst all around
Teddy thirsty too

wedding dinner, chinese, happydragon
Wedding Dinner
Happy Dragon

double happiness
Double Happiness
doubly true

Last days at Dar Es Salaam before departure, We invited Miraji and family to join us for the last
dinner in Dar Es Salaam as he devoted most of 6 days to be our driver, interpreter and our witness,
as well as our tour guide. Without his, and Siew Eng's, help - the marriage may not have happened
taxi ride
set to go

the 3 of us

Married couple

comfortable, happy
comfortable & happy

standing up
standing up


miraji family
Vida, Miraji
Abraheem 3 1/2

Miraji, vida

Abraheem eating
Abraheem, hungry

full tummy
full tummy

3 of us
Happy time

Cute Kids

pushing teddy
giving Teddy ride

Enjoying Wheelchair

A very short time together, but our goal was accomplished with God's guiding hand.
Parting, however, was sad & sorrowful, we each had to return to our base for now.
It is time for work to begin on bringing this family together.
Lots of prayers that God will Bless us with the strength to pursue this goal,
to make it happen as HE did the marriage.

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Teddy & Jim April 28th through May 6th, 2012