Jim was born at home, home being South Heart, North Dakota.  The year 1939 found World War II starting so that  year is a big part of history.  Jim grew up in a small town of approximately 100 souls, however, many small farms and ranches surrounded the community allowing for several businesses and a school to survive.  The school was built of brick and was used for grades one through twelve.  It also had a two story house for the teachers.  There was a grocery store, a Catholic Church (the entire community being Catholic), a Farmers Union Station, Jim Sr's auto repair shop, a community hall, 2 bars, a small post office and two grain elevators with a railroad running through the center of the town, including a small train station with manager.  There is also a river named the Heart River where I fished as a youngster.

It isn't often that a person opens ones life to the world, even more difficult for a man to "open" himself to others.  Women are naturally more open then men, that is a given.  Why is it so hard for men to be as open?

Opening the heart, mind and soul for Jim, came with the life changing diagnosis of an incurable health "challenge" that the world labels as "multiple sclerosis".  Learning to live with this daily "challenge", Jim has accepted the adversities, adapted to the ever changing lifestyle and through perseverance and determination, continually learning to maintain a new sense of spirituality and fortitude.

This "challenge" has provided a unique perspective to the meaning "Live One Day at a Time".  Truly, that is all any of us really has - just Today!  Learning to live "today" to the fullest has been totally rewarding and has enriched Jim's life.


Jim's journey written in a book by that title and the above statement is taken from the back cover of that book, published in year 2006.

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